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Creep, consolidation

Faults of historical structures

Faults of precast buildings

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Nonlinear analysis of Shells

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Optimization of design of steel reinforced concrete beam

  • Fajman P., Lepš M., Zeman J.: Optimization design of reinforced concrete beam structures. „ New Trends in Statics and Dynamics of Buildings“, 2nd International Conference on New Trends in Statics and Dynamics of Buildings, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

  • Fajman P.: Elastoplastic analysis of beam according to EC2, In: Beton 2001/3, p.33-37.

  • Fajman P.: Axial get ... in elastoplastic analysis of beam, In: Stavební obzor 2001/1, p.8-10.

Variational analysis of Slopes

Others - dynamics, stability of beam, biomechanics