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    Research Subject

  • Time dependent Materials
    - Concrete creep - model B3
    - Soil consolidation - under beam and plate elements
    Topic was solved in habilitation works and in computer program sifel
    Project - MSM 210000001, MSM 6840770001

  • Faults of Historical Structures
    - finding out genesis of deflects of support system of cathedral st. Barbory v Kutne Hore show
    - Static analysis of st. Barbora
    Project - MSM 6840770001, GACR 103/04/1321, 106/02/0678

  • Faults of Precast Buildings
    - Material nonlinear computational of precast buildings under conditions
       nonlinear behaviors of joints
       linear behaviors of panels
    - Precast systems G40, G57, T06B
    Project - MSM 210000001

  • Nonlinear analysis of Shells
    - Topic was solved in doctoral dissertation thesis
    - Was designed new plane element with drilling degrees of freedom and Its using in computer program Feat
    Project - MSM 210000001

  • Optimization of design of steel reinforced concrete beams
    - Elastoplastic cross sections
    - Restriction of maximum rotations in plastic hinges
    - Using of standard's respects
    Project - GACR "Optimization of design of steel reinforced concrete beams"

  • Variation analysis of slopes stability
    - calculations of slopes stability by perturbation mode

  • Others
    - Warping and torsion of thin-walled bars by FEM - was created FEM element
    - Dynamics - calculation of structures
    - Biomechanics - analysis of steel endoprotesis
    Project -CVUT - "New algorithms in nonlinear analysis of thin-walled bars by FEM"


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